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Shoulder pain may present in different ways and may be associated with stiffness or weakness;

You may feel pain over the shoulder area or down the upper arm when reaching forward, with overhead activities, when putting your coat or reaching your mid back. You may also experience pain at night or lying on the side.

The most common condition in patients with shoulder pain is tendinitis also called impingement where the shoulder tendons are worn, rubbing against bony spurs of the shoulder blade.

Other causes include, torn tendons, stiff and frozen shoulder capsule, joint arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid), calcium deposit in the tendons and joint dislocations, subluxations or fractures around the shoulder.

Simple injuries such as a fall or wrenching of the shoulder can precipitate a shoulder condition and may result in pain which allows stiffness to develop.

Repetitive use of the shoulder in certain positions such as reaching forwards, backwards, or above the head during normal household, work or leisure activities may also cause shoulder symptoms.

Sports injuries however result in specific conditions such as the golfer’s shoulder, the rugby shoulder, the tennis shoulder and the weight lifter’s shoulder.





In 2015 you do not have to live with shoulder pain.


Diagnostic advances with the shoulder ultrasound scan and high precision key hole surgery, often performed 

in Day Surgery, have revolutionised the treatment of shoulder conditions and can improve your quality of life.