Mr  Iossifidis    MD, FRCS Ed,  FRCS Ed  (orth.)


             Consultant   Shoulder &  Elbow  Surgeon


Arthroscopic (Key hole) shoulder surgery


High precision key hole surgery in Day Surgery.



Shoulder arthroscopy  is a type of surgery to examine and repair the tissues inside or around your shoulder joint performed through small puncture wounds.  The arthroscope is a small tube, with a camera attached, which allows the inside of the joint to be seen on a monitor. Specialized micro instruments are  inserted into the joint  through small puncture wounds and  can be used to remove scar tissue and bone spurs. Radiofrequency probes are used to remove thickened and damaged tissues. Torn muscles and tendons can now also be repaired with key hole surgery. Exercises are started the day after surgery so as to speed up recovery.


Shoulder arthroscopic surgery has advanced significantly in recent years and has become the treatment of choice in treating most shoulder conditions.


The advantages of arthroscopic (Key hole) techniques, over more traditional open procedures, include: 


  • less pain 
  • less operative time
  • less tissue damage
  • less loss of motion  
  • less complications
  • easier rehabilitation



Shoulder Arthroscopy


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