Mr  Iossifidis    MD, FRCS Ed,  FRCS Ed  (orth.)


             Consultant   Shoulder &  Elbow  Surgeon


One-stop diagnostic clinic and treatment of shoulder pain

One-stop shoulder diagnostic clinic


A consultation at our clinic involves a detailed examination, diagnosis and treatment plan.

Our experienced shoulder specialist uses state-of-the-art shoulder ultrasound scan to examine and image the shoulder. Following diagnosis therefore, a detailed treatment plan can be given on the same day.








                                                                              It is very important however to make an accurate diagnosis                                                  so that the appropriate treatment can be applied.




Assessment of patients with shoulder disorders include a medical history to gather information about current complaints: duration of symptoms, pain and limitations, injuries and past treatment

with medications or surgery.


A physical examination to assess tenderness, range of motion, strength or weakness, instability and/or deformity of the shoulder.


Diagnostic tests such as X-rays taken with the shoulder in various positions, to assess the bones.

and a  Shoulder Ultrasound scan to evaluate the muscles and tendons of the shoulder.


Where necessary an MRI scan can also be performed.




Your orthopaedic surgeon will review the results of your evaluation with you and discuss the best treatment plan for your condition.




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